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Foot's Artworks Art Poll question 1
What kind of sculpture would you like to see?

Other: 54.24%

Classical Realism: 22.03%

Modern: 8.47%

Stylized: 6.78%

Surrealism: 6.78%

Abstract: 1.69%

Total Votes: 59

question 2
What kind of material would you prefer to see?

Other: 52.46%

Stone: 27.87%

Bronze: 16.39%

Steel: 1.64%

Composite: 1.64%

Total Votes: 61

question 3
What kind of theme would you prefer to see?

A composition of several themes: 70.97%

One figure or shape: 15.05%

Group of figures or shapes: 6.45%

One dominant theme: 5.38%

One large face: 2.15%

Total Votes: 93

question 4
What do you think the sculpture should address?

Artistic expression of pure form not dependant upon the foregoing: 91.07%

The basic spirit of the people of the area: 3.57%

The significance of a certain event: 3.57%

Racial issues, such as integration, recognition or diversity: 1.79%

Historical perspectives: 0.00%

Religious values: 0.00%

Total Votes: 56

question 5
What kind of sculpture would you prefer to see?

A metal sculpture that can be seen through: 72.22%

A sculpture that is carved in three dimensions,know as IN THE ROUND: 26.67%

A sculpture that is carved in relief,e.g. a coin is low relief: 1.11%

Total Votes: 90

question 6
As far as design goes, do you prefer?

Rounded or Natural Shapes: 96.08%

Angular or Geometric Shapes: 3.92%

Total Votes: 51

question 7
As far as detail goes, do you prefer sculpture with?

A combination of both detail and smoothness: 93.62%

Little or no detail, but smooth: 6.38%

Lots of intricate detail: 0.00%

Total Votes: 47

question 8
For you to personally like a work of art, do you feel that it must?

Not necessarily either of the above, just gain its impact from sheer form alone: 91.94%

Stand for something in the real world: 6.45%

Have some meaning that can be explained in words: 1.61%

Total Votes: 62

question 9
Do you prefer to see?

Workmanship doesn't matter, I prefer spontaneous or chaotic evidence: 51.16%

Evidence of substantial workmanship: 48.84%

Total Votes: 43

question 10
How do you feel about the impact, or effect, of art?

I just prefer art to decorate, enhance or compliment a space and not dominate it: 77.33%

I don't care if it is pleasant or beautiful, as long as it stimulating, even if it shocks: 12.00%

I prefer strong emotional impact as long as it is pleasant or beautiful: 10.67%

Total Votes: 75

question 11
Do you think that art should be used for?

Restricted to more noble aspects of our culture, what we wish to be remembered for, or aspire to: 80.36%

Unrestricted,any purpose whatsoever,personal, political,etc: 19.64%

Total Votes: 56

question 12
What would be the most important aspect, if you were to judge art?

Attention grabbing impact: 43.40%

Beauty: 28.30%

Imagination: 24.53%

Symbolic or Realistic Expression: 3.77%

Total Votes: 53

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